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Who Are We

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Use Any SA Coins

Any South African coins can be use in the Coin-It Machines in Store CountryWide.

Easy To Operate

Easy to opertate with one click of a button all is needed is to insert all your coins.

Cash or Purchase In Store

Receive a receipt which can be exchanged for Cash or Purchase in Store.

Why Choose Coin-It!

Coin It! Big Green Coin Counting Machine is a product (and service) initiated, developed, distributed and operated by Coin It Coin Exchange (Pty)Ltd in KwaZulu Natal. This innovative company was proudly established right here in SA in 2012 and was founded by Emile Langenhoven and Willem Nieuwenhuis, although its roots go back a little further (It originally operated as SA Kiosks cc since 2009). The Coin It! machine is essentially a coin recycler that helps keep coins in circulation, eliminating wastage of currency (and loss of value on a personal level) as well as lowering the economic and environmental costs associated with needlessly manufacturing new coins.

Benefits of Coin-It Machines

Coin It! offers South Africans a quick, convenient and fun way to cash in accumulated coins. The process is quite simple. The consumer pours his/her unsorted jar of coins into the designated area on top of the Coin It! machine, which then counts the coins and then prints out a receipt. The consumer is then able use the receipt to purchase goods in the store.

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